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Our organization is involved in numerous projects aimed at poverty reduction

For over five years, Future Light Africa and partners operating in West African villages and local communities have been working to provide nutrition, Education, health care and homes for orphans so they can build a better life as they enter adulthood.

Training & talent discovery

Future Light Africa works hard within the limit of available fund to organise skill acquisition programmes targeted at the unemployed and under emplyed youth expecially in the west Africa sub region. This initiative is part of our vision of bridging the inequality divide though social economic empowerment.

health awareness campaign & Medical fund raising

Health awareness campaigns and medical fundraising are essential to improve health outcomes and reduce the impact of disease outbreaks in West Africa. By educating people about disease prevention and control measures, and promoting healthy behaviors, we can work towards a healthier future for all.

Distribution of food suppliers

The direct provision of basic supplies by future light Africa initiative is helping families break the cycle of poverty. Material support especially to the less privileged women and children are helping to alleviate hunger. This we believe is one of the strategies that can help alleviate povery in Africa.

Rural community support

we have focused on supporting and empowering communities by providing access to education, healthcare, and crucial supplies like food and clean water. We also place a strong emphasis on empowering women and children, who are often most vulnerable to these challenges.

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